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What better way to save time and streamline efforts than to templatize some of the most common research task?

Worry not for I have curated numerous templates based on my own research experiences and have most of mentees love them.

So, it is only fair that you get access to them too because they are totally FREE and will likely help early stage researchers (ESRs) in various disciplines.

And, if you end up using these templates and benefit from these or other resources I share, pls do share with your peers and leave some feedback for me so I know you appreciate the efforts.

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N.B. This is an ever evolving collection of templates so keep coming back every once in a while to see what's new.

1. Letter of Recommendation Template

You have been doing a literature review and have identified some key research questions you wish to address. So, you now want to find a potential supervisor to whom you can submit a research proposal for potentially conducting the research with them. The thing is, when you start applying, there would be numerous application documents like degree certificates, transcripts, some essays like Statement of Purpose (SOPs), some test scores like GRE, SAT etc. but there is one other crucial document- the letter of recommendation.

A Letter of Recommendation or LOR for short, is quite common in academia especially when you are applying for a new degree or a position. One might believe that a recommendation comes directly from a referee but actually, your referee can ask you to prepare a draft of the letter of recommendation yourself. So, you have to write your own letter of recommendation? This might come as a surprise to you if you are still nascent to the field and there might be a lot of questions as to why this happens or is this even right. So, let us look closely into what the purpose of a letter of a recommendation is and how you can write one for yourself.

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2. Is PhD the right choice for you? - Introspection Worksheet Template

How to know if phd is right for you? | Kshitij Tiwari - YouTube

Are you considering doing a PhD? But unsure if PhD is the right choice for you? Worry not for I have a Introspection Worksheet to help you decide for yourself if this is the right career choice for you. There is also an accompanying video to guide you through the worksheet.

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3. Literature review database template

How to plan and manage your literature review with Notion | Kshitij Tiwari  - YouTube

Planning and managing the literature review database is crucial for a thorough literature review, which is a key component for a research proposal. But, it can easily grow out of hand. To avoid this, use my Notion database template to easily manage what you read and take notes that you can filter through and look up when needed. You can watch the explainer video if you need help navigating the dashboard.

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4. Statement of Purpose (SOP) for PhD program

When applying for a PhD program, you must do 2 things as pre-work: 1.) Make sure you are convinced that PhD is the right choice for you; 2.) Make sure you have identified the ideal supervisor.

Once that much is done, the next step is preparing your application packet to start applying for available PhD positions.

As a part of your application packet, you will be required to write a Statement of Purpose, more commonly known as an SOP. It is a 1-2 page essay of up to 1000 words that tells a story about who you are and why you want to pursue a PhD in the subject you have chosen.

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5. Gracefully decline PhD Offer [FREE Template to Decline Offer]

Deciding to pursue a PhD is a significant step in one’s academic journey and applying for PhD programs is an exciting, yet challenging journey. It’s a time when you’re inundated with possibilities, dreams, and the anticipation of delving deep into your chosen field. You meticulously craft your application, compile your impressive achievements, and cross your fingers while waiting for acceptance letters.

However, what happens when you receive not one, but multiple offers? That’s when the decision-making process becomes a little more intricate. Found your ideal offer in the mix but unsure about turning down the rest of the PhD offers? In this article, we will discuss how to go about turning down a PhD offer, politely yet promptly. We will go over some considerations before declining a PhD offer and look at some samples to help you craft your response, professionally.

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