Who is the author of Tiwari Talks Newsletter?

The Tiwari Talks Newsletters are authored by Dr. Kshitij Tiwari. He is an international scholar who has acquired higher education from various top-tier universities across the globe and is now sharing his experiences with the early stage PhD scholars.

Who should subscribe?

Tiwari Talks Newsletters are aimed at early stage research scholars especially those who are either considering or have just started their PhD journey. Of such scholars, a special focus is also towards budding roboticists, given my own expertise in the field.

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  • Get real-time updates about the blogs as they published.

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How to navigate this newsletter?

This newsletter is not a conventional newsletter and is meant to be a powerhouse of academic content accessible to all early stage researchers (ESRs). Here are the main components of this newsletter:

  • Course Page: For those interested in watching on-demand lectures on Robotics and incrementally build their knowledge in the field

  • 1-min clips: A collection of 1-min clips to answer the typical FAQs in academic and robotics.

  • FREE Templates: A collection of FREE templates I have created over the years along with an explainer video wherever possible.

  • Newsletter Archive: In case you just happened to stumble upon this newsletter and are feeling the FOMO on missing out on the previous editions and the useful information shared therein, you can easily catch up by sifting through the archives.

How to connect with Kshitij Tiwari?

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A Postdoctoral Researcher interested in path planning and SLAM for mobile robots and multi-agent systems. He obtained his Ph.D. from JAIST, Japan (2018), MSc from University of Edinburgh (2014) and BEngg from University of Hong Kong (2013).