1-min Clips

In this fast paced world, not everyone has the time to sit through long lectures or read through long-form content such as blogs.

So, I also curate quick bite-sized video content in the form of 1-min clips with primarily two focal themes: academia and robotics.

1-min academia

Got a quick question about academia and academic research? Chances are I’ve already covered that as a part of my 1-min academic series. Check it out and in case your concern hasn’t yet been answered, leave a comment below.

Watch 1-min academia clips

1-min robotics

Want to start building your academic career in robotics but got some quick question holding you back? Chances are there are others who already asked a similar/same question before you. Check the playlist for the frequently asked robotics question to see if they are already answered and if not, drop a comment below.

Watch 1-min robotics clips